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Thu Aug 4, 2011, 10:27 PM
  • Listening to: britney!
  • Reading: genji monogatari
  • Watching: lucky star
  • Playing: pokemon!
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: orange mixture

  • Listening to: britney!
  • Reading: genji monogatari
  • Watching: lucky star
  • Playing: pokemon!
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: orange mixture
I'm drawing 3 pictures at once and I'm working on 1 freelance animation project. :)
bad news is... since i'm working on multiple things at once, everything takes its sweet time :) HAHAHA
I might get another freelancing position though >3< chuu~
  • Eating: Gum
I'm in Japan :D but it feels like Korea tbh... lol
will be studying here for a year :) hopefully my japanese will get alot better~
  • Eating: Gum
because I haven't been drawing really in the last few years. It's sad really. no improvement.
But I'll tell you... that i did get better at cooking! :D yata
  • Reading: Finished Secret Daughter - need more books
  • Watching: Glee - never watched it before
  • Eating: Gum
SOO so far... I've been super busy or tried to keep myself busy, trying to be a grown up :/

I've interned @ Tokyopop and ended up landing a freelance job. That project ended a while back, hopefully it worked out well and I might end up getting some more freelance projects from them :) I also have an animation freelance project coming up that I worked on last summer.

I'm also interning at Hulu this summer before I fly off to Japan next sem! :D I've been working on going to Japan since High school but its been more like a goal... and since I'm almost finally going its kinda scary @_@ goshhh....

Who knows what the future holds...;;
  • Reading: Nanny Files?
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: hazelnut decaf
I barely slept, finished my senior thesis, had graduation ceremony, packed all of my belongings, came to my parent's place, have a freelancing job that has a crazy schedule.

Anyways I do love my freelance job :) It's mostly for my portfolio, i hope it'll lead to more opportunities :D hopefully you guys will end up seeing it around, I'll let you know more about it as it closes up ^_^

I need another job...
  • Listening to: LMFAO - SHOTS (my feelings exactly)
  • Reading: Quest of the Fair Unknown
  • Watching: Ugetsu
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: iced americano with cinnamon dulce syrup
You know your life is hectic when your own Asian mom is telling you to slow down.
LOL asian parents!

I need to relax. I'm always on the edge and I need to goto the hospital to get something checked out. And I need to stop drinking things with fake sugar. I should give up splenda for lent hahahaa except we don't practice lent. huh.

So I got like 8 new books for me to read... should keep me busy for about 3 weeks.
  • Listening to: Timberlake
  • Watching: Umberto D
  • Eating: Gum
  • Drinking: your mom
So my mom calls me and says "Are you tired?"
and I'm just like... yeah. I didn't yell at her today though, I tend to vent my frustrations from life to her which is horrible I know! :/ I'm trying to not do that because it's all my fault.

I'm soo tired... yet I love life... yet I hate it... gah.

I have an internship Tokyopop (which has been a pretty fun experience so far), a part time job, 17 units of classes, and my senior animation thesis project that is a year long. Oh and did I mention I'm trying to send in like 1000 applications for scholarships and internships for the summer?

There are too many forms and too many deadlines - its frustrating!

On top of that, I'm always low on money (I don't like asking parents for money) or trying to save money for next year, trying to eat healthy/cheap (3 things I focus alot on is... art, healthy cooking, and fashion ahahahaha) and working out at least 3 times a week...and I have to take care of my health - so I have to see the physician soon about a health issue that resurfaced. (partially me pushing myself to my absolute limits all the time urgh.)

but yeah I'm dying slowly. I hope to chill the heck out once I study abroad in japan... I turned in all my forms, they just let me into Waseda then it'll be all good. :) My grades won't get transferred back except as pass/fail :D I just want to have fun next semester.

For fun I'm reading ALOT ALOT of novels (like 2-4 novels a week)and turning into an alcoholic/druggie (ROFL JK JK).

I have a midterm paper due on monday and I haven't started.... hmmmmm....

Anybody else drowning? I'm sure everybody is drowning but I like the whine like a lil bitch. :/ I'm sorry ya'll. This has been the hardest year of my life and I'm breaking out and I have insomnia. I feel like I'm accomplishing stuff though :)
I am too stubborn!

I know I'm mean and rude but I can't help it :/ what can I say~
  • Listening to: t-ara
  • Watching: Northern lights
  • Eating: Spearmint GUM
  • Drinking: SPIT

wednesday paper due. I'm on.. .page 1.

thursday 25 pg script due + story boards. I'm on page 12.

friday japanese written final. I haven't started studying for it of course.

next next tuesday animation due. I'm fucked.

And on christmas I'm getting sent to church camp. YES ON XMAS 23rd, 24th, and 25th! WHY LORD??? I rather relax on the day the lord gave us to relax on rather than being surrounded by shit loads of people I don't know/don't like at church retreats that I really hate (never had a good experience, i'm always forced to go)

but then my mother bribed me with a coach bag.


I fell for the bribe.
  • Listening to: 2PM - Heartbeat
  • Watching: Toss the bride
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 12:09 AM
note me

I'm really busy these days yet I haven't done anything productive for the last 3 days... what am I doing ya'll?

  • Listening to: T-Ara-Lies
  • Watching: Throwdown with Bobby Flay
  • Eating: gum


Sat Nov 14, 2009, 2:58 AM
because Bi is HOT

  • Listening to: T-Ara-Lies
  • Watching: Throwdown with Bobby Flay
  • Eating: gum
  • Listening to: T-Ara-Lies
  • Watching: Throwdown with Bobby Flay
  • Eating: gum
Vote for my entry of Magical Girl Sammy at
:iconhime-emiko: HEHE. She's such a nice person <3

yeah you betta vote for meeee hahahaha

So I ended up dressing up as Misa on halloween... I made my own Death Note and everything! My friend ended up going as Light just because I was Misa... haha! Lots of dying hair/bleaching goins on. I didn't get all the stuff for my costume so I might have an official photoshoot or something like that later~ haha.

I went to monster massive which was a giant rave in Los Angeles. Did anybody else go? It was pretty awesome although I was sorta falling asleep at like 2:30 which is really lame. (I usually stay up all night so I have no idea whyy) I was just leaning on my friend on the dance floor and falling asleep/dancing. ROFL. yes it's possible.
  • Listening to: Sandara Park-KISS
  • Reading: Breaking the sugar addiction or something like tha
  • Watching: unwrapped!
  • Eating: cereal
  • Drinking: water
Hello boys and girls!
I'm deciding on my halloween costume this year and decided to costume play for the first time!

:D I'm going to monster massive in LA so if anybody else is coming... coolness.
I wanted a costume that stood out a bit so help me decide.

Asahina Mikuru- the combat waitress version. I have a wig already and the shoes.……

Amane Misa-YES everybody and their moms have done it but it'll be simple to find clothes for her and I'll be able to wear and use the stuff again. I'll bleach my hair because I wanted to do it anyhoo.…

Japanese school girl(I have a sailor fuku that I bought for NORMAL clothing already)……


country lolita, if my dress from korea gets here on time. I got it on sale for normal clothing but it was a bit long so I was gonna cut it. But it'll be perfect for the country lolita/sweet lolita look.…

HELP boys and gals!
  • Listening to: After School-DIVA
  • Reading: Madame Bovary in Korean
  • Watching: Moo Han Do Jeon
  • Playing: DDR
  • Eating: Cucumbers
  • Drinking: Pepsi Nex
I told someone a long time ago that I'll fulfill her request.
AND I SWEAR I DREW IT LIKE IN FEBRUARY! YukiD I'm sorry! I Just have no scanner. I'll take a picture of it or something. It's shitty anyhoo just like everything else I draw hahahahaahahahahahahahah =_= I have no inspiration and no will.

I also lost my flash drive during my move... which has my film in it.
UR;;; I was suppose to send my composer the film. Shit.

I'm sorry I'm such a terrible person =_=

I've been a bit sick lately (not deadly) and been to two hospitals so far.. my mom also wants to take me to Traditional Asian medicine hospitals but ehhhh no more hospitals?

it's prob due to my shitty diet and lifestyle. I had days where I survived on cookies and diet coke.
YEAH bad idea right? I know, shut up =_= tsk tsk tsk T_T

I haven't been really drawing or animating or doing anything I think I'm going to the shitty emo phase I should've gotten through in high school but in high school i was too busy surviving. Or the emo phase is due to the shitty diet. I'm not quite sure. I would get really bad mood swings (which I still go through a lil bit)

See I'm just trying not to be a bother to other people because I know I can go off on them due to my bad attitude and mood swings, but they bother me first. What should I do ya'll?

I need money. I need to get a job so I can go buy things and make myself happy. YAY shopping = my anti drug or whatever that commercial blabbers
  • Listening to: rachimoninov-Piano concerto no.3 in d minor

지겨워 지겨워 지겨워

maybe its ed
  • Listening to: Kara-Pretty Girl

初めては少女時代よりKaraガ好きでした。あ、今もkaraも好きですよ。でも歌はkaraのPretty GirlよりGeeのほうがもっと好きです。

そしてJessica H.O. の人生は楽しいも聞いています。KaraのSeungyeon、少女時代のTaeyeonと同じ二十二さいですが面白いですね。
Oh wait taeyeon's 1989 never mind.

Anyhoo was planning on studying abroad at Waseda in Japan next semester but my major department at the cinema school has declined it =_=.

So if i went, i would have to go one year after that... and be a super senior. yeh!

I'll have a double major and a minor or one major with a double minor when I'm done though. good times.

I just wanted to pick up another language so I could be partially trilingual. I know alot of people who can speak two so thought might as add another language. Tried French before can't remember anything. Tried Spanish before too can't remember anything. Chinese is too hard. lol so here it is.

"gurl~ pretty gurl~ beautiful gurl ye yeyey come on beautiful gurll~~" what a great song ROFL
  • Listening to: SNSD- GEE
i think i'm in my mood swing again :D yah!
I have one every 2-3 weeks or so it's really random -_-

I think it has something to do with also from being back from my wonderful winter break to this ghetto LOL. I like LA just not this part, tired of people getting robbed at 7 PM and carrying around a mace >_<;; tired of stolen bicycles, cars broken into, people pulling the fire alarm 3 in the morning because of their drunkeness etc etc.

I'm tired of 'friends' that I don't really trust or rely on anymore. I miss my closer friends back home who I could trust with alot of things or at least complain about random things and they would have my back u know? I'm not that social and like being alone but I know I should be more social. tsk. I dont want a relationship because I'm lazy and I dont want to really do anything anymore lol. What's wrong with me?
I think I just want a close friend here since I terribly miss the ones back home.

Alot of people call me their best friend although alot of times I never would have considered them my best friend and I'm just like o_O? when did this happen? lol. I must admit I never really let myself out to anyone and keep alot of things a secret because I dont want to explain myself, sigh.

I want to move to a tropical island and stay there for like a year, I think that would be nice.

PS I actually fulfilled an art request, lets see if I'll get to the scanning process.
  • Listening to: CSJH-Happy Birthday
I am addicted to shopping. I work extra shifts, they all the money disappears because I buy new make up clothes soon as I get the cash O_O

It's because of the shitty economy and the sales! >_<!! Everybody's in SALEEEE WHYY T_T. I want to return alot of things too but soon as I see them I'm like EEEK SO CUTE! >_<!

I spent like 200 this week on little stuff. Well I did get people presents too.. I guess. T_T

OMG. I need to stop though this is sorta insane!
I need another job. I'm already selling clothes and working random jobs on the side from my work. I asked for more hours but my boss said no (dang please!) I need a new job :/

Lets see the trend this month starting from black friday:

Ebay - amazon - wet seal - american eagle - victoria's secret - sephora - smashbox - sephora - elf make up - ulta make up - sephora make up. Yeah this is SINCE 11/28. I made two orders today. I keep on getting some kick ass deals! I got somehow two 5 dollar off coupons to work together (they don't allow coupons to stack so somehow I made it work)

To demonstrate:

Special Effects Makeup Kit ($49 value) by Smashbox Cheek Kit $12.99
FREE! Lip Brilliance Duo with ANY Smashbox purchase ($22 value) by Smashbox

Vitabath Travel Size Original Spring Green Gelee Sample - .85 oz. by Vitabath

Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Crème Sample - .25 oz. by Exuviance

Jacqua Lotion Packette - 7.4ml/.25 fl. Oz. by Jaqua SKU:2200778 1
Women's Trend Exclusive Holiday Sample Pack! by ULTA SKU:2203056 1

Color Library ($60 Value) by ULTA

Holiday Lip Gloss Collection by ULTA

Precision Eyelash Curler by Japonesque SKU

Merchandise Total: $37.97
Coupons: ($5.00)
Coupons: ($5.00)
Subtotal: $27.97
Shipping: $0.00
Tax: $2.76
TOTAL: $30.73

I also got another haul from sephora coming in, hopefully it'll come in soon *clap clap*

I'm actually nervous but also really excited about these. I'm pretty sure i won't go shopping again for awhile because I'm at that place of shopping zen right now somehow haha.
  • Listening to: Britney Spears-Toy Solder
but I don't know if I want to get a hair cut.

If I get a hair cut, i won't dye my hair because that hair cut looks better with darker brown/black hair color i have right now.

I wish I dyed my hair lighter over the summer but the hair dresser stopped me! wtf. I know korean fashion is a lot more conservative than Japanese fashion but I wanted golden red ish color! Next summer I guess.

I want to grow my hair long and curl it too. It's just that as much as I love longer hair, I ALWAYS had long hair. So I chopped it off this summer. And now I'm thinking about making it even shorter because I lost weight and won't look as round with shorter hair?

but i also love tying my hair and all that :/

What hair dye works best on asian hair btw??

I want hair colors like these :……
^palty hair dye collection


OMG fail:…
what the hell did she do to her hair!!